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Dr. Cukier on innovation in 3D technology in The Globe and Mail

“Canada went from a leader to a laggard in innovation strategy … and needs a refresh,” Dr. Wendy Cukier, vice-president of research and innovation at Ryerson University, said at the conference. The transformative application of 3-D has the potential to change everything, she said, “but if new technologies, services or processes are not actually adopted, there is no innovation.” She believes consumers tend to be ahead of business users in adoption of new technologies, although 47 per cent of jobs in North America linked to the manufacturing economy could be at risk.

“We need to focus more attention to understand what are the barriers to adoption,” Cukier said, adding that there are big hurdles. Consider, for instance, that only 40 per cent of small and medium enterprises in Ontario currently have an Internet presence.

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