Highlights of the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor

by Wendy Cukier, Vice-President, Research & Innovation

Ryerson is widely recognized as a leader in entrepreneurship education, with the largest program in the country. Ryerson’s Entrepreneurship Research Institute (ERI) is spearheading new research into entrepreneurial opportunities to look at how they can be encouraged. In addition to examining diversity, social entrepreneurship, and innovative training programs, Ryerson’s researchers are part of the world’s largest study of transnational entrepreneurship, the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM), acting as GEM’s lead for research in Ontario. Continue reading Highlights of the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor

More than technology push is needed to drive innovation

Ryerson partners with industry, government and community organizations to make things happen. Our unique cross-disciplinary approach not only drives the creation of new technologies, products, services, and ventures, but also examines the drivers and impediments to change in existing organizations.

Research in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) is necessary butinsufficient. We need social sciences and humanities research to better understand user needs, organizational drivers, factors shaping personal preferences and behaviour, aesthetic and content design, as well as policy, legal, and ethical issues. We need to understand the demand side as well as the supply side to drive innovation. Continue reading More than technology push is needed to drive innovation